martyrs among the casualties

by the thirty years war

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martyrs among the casualties - 2002


released January 1, 2003

thomas erak - lead guitar/vocals
andrew forsman - drums
tim ward - bass
mike munro - rhythm guitar



all rights reserved


tribune/30 years war Mukilteo, Washington

i do not take credit for this. please do not pay for these

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Track Name: a tribute to orville wilcox
You can't take hold of me!
I gave up everything!
The photograph reveals the life, we once had!
You can't take hold of me!
I gave up everything!
You never understand the circumstance
I'm never coming back

And I'll give it up,
pretend it's not corrupt,
but I know it's never coming back to me,
Cause what's never known,
I wish could be shown,
But this testimony's not working for me

And this time don't come running back!

Remember the Maine!!!! INCOMING!!! INCOMING!!!!
Track Name: chain wallet, nike shoes
Lost my mind, a head of proven lies... (A car ride suicide, the last time I will cry)
Blurred my sight, and losing track of time... (A car ride suicide, the last time I will cry)
Looking into my own eyes, I see sometimes that her promises are empty, and her heart inside is melting.
Falling off the pedistle, that is placed beneath her will, to give up and take those pills, swallow strong...
Time stands still!
Stole my heart again, and ripped it into shreds!
(Ripped it into shreds) 2x
The steps of this driveway walk, after all her studdered talk is like a beating, and my ears feel like they're bleeding, concentration starts to drop, and this never seems to stop, on all ends it's like a burn, from the sun... Lesson learned!
Stole my heart again, and ripped it into shreds!
(Ripped it into shreds) 4x
Track Name: tears of green eyed angels
A fall from grace, forever preserving these days we'd waste,
and never leaving this place where we'd stay,

We're worker bees, we're worker bees,
our only purpose in life is to serve the queen!
And you know, (someday we'll let go!)

Sun sets day, we're standing in summer's embrace,
and we may continue to harvest our dreams, fade away,
but feelings stay...

The docks held still time's hand with each wave!!!!!
Track Name: mirrors are more fun than television
Pick me up around 8:00, and make sure you're not late! I'll wear my dress with white lace, Tonight you can crash at my place...
And she gave up everything, to hold me for just one day, and I loved it when I heard her!
Tonight I must say, you look great, the moon shines rearview, to her face. I brought some cologne just in case, the scent of my car, keeps us safe...
And he gave up everything, to hold me for just one day, and I loved it when I heard him say...
Tonight, is the night, i'm gonna make her mine...
You will, or you won't, cause everything is just fine...
Her lips, are so soft I think I could just die...
I know this is so, but what's going on in her mind...
She asked if I had fun and I acted cool, I said it was ok. We started to talk but were cut short cause in the distance I could see a shining star! And as th headlights get hot on my face I can see her there, next to me...
And just because I wasn't sincere before, doesn't mean I deserve what I got then on that night I wonder is it ok to cry? Should I call for help? Should I go to her side? When I did I couldn't believe what I saw... SHE SAID!!! "Oh honey, honey, hold me one more time, all I want is for you to look in my eyes, take my hand, don't let me go!!!
Move forward, don't forget, the time we spent! Goodbye's are cheap, but for what it's worth, you meant everything to me!
I'm doing just fine on my own, but I look back on that night sometimes... And though you may not have a friend in this world, you'll always have me...
Track Name: reassurance rests in the sea
Another year i've wasted,
were those really our steps that brought us here? That held you near?
Through fantasy each of our games wonder through life,
calling our their names...

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow never fortold!
of time so vast!
And of the worlds and lives they would roam,
those so many places, so far from home!
Track Name: the day the strength of men failed
All time spent in my head,
all who've challenged this threat...

Raise our swords to Isengard!!!

This one's for all times,
now I see all the sides...

Raise our swords to Isengard!!!
Track Name: knife fight at the mormon church
I've come upon the last lines, it seems like everytime,
I stand up, I fall back down again...
I put my life on rewind, the daylight is saving time,
By leaving you behind!
And i'll take it back someday, and then start again one day!
(Back up your front, back up your front, stealing the feeling you shot in cold blood!)
I came upon the last lines, it seemed like everytime,
I stood up, I lost my place again...
But this time it's a new sound, this battle field's a playground,
Her orders: SHOOT TO KILL!!!
(courus) 2x
Break the dawn,
and hang the sun!!